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Commercial and Residential Property Development

For over three decades, Lavelle Partners have been assisting with the legal aspects of commercial and residential development schemes. 

In doing so, we have become the legal advisor of choice for many of the largest Irish property developers.  We provide advice on a wide range of services to developers, including:

  • Site acquisition for residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes
  • Site assembly
  • Development scheme set-up including phased developments
  • Planning and environmental law advice
  • Development finance
  • Social housing
  • Syndicated investments
  • Property investment vehicles (e.g. joint venture, partnerships, co-ownerships etc).

The law related to commercial & residential development schemes can be highly complex, covering a wide range of legal disciplines including environmental, construction, health and safety, investment, corporate, conveyancing, business transactions, dispute resolution and taxation.

It is for this reason why Lavelle Partners are a trusted advisor for some of the most high-profile and substantial property developers.  Our teams will collaborate internally, ensuring you have the benefit of our combined knowledge to create and undertake a development scheme strategy which fulfils your business objectives.  This will also allow you to save time and money, as you will not need to engage multiple firms.  With Lavelle Partners, we will simplify the legal aspects of commercial and residential development, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your project.

Why Choose Lavelle Partners?

  • We have considerable experience in overseeing the legal aspects of some of Ireland’s largest commercial and residential development schemes.
  • We are personally invested in our clients’ success.  As such, we help you tackle problems and capitalise on opportunities swiftly.  If a conventional solution does not achieve your objectives, we will challenge it, disrupting conventional ways of thinking to create a result that works for you.
  • When it comes to making decisions, our experience and knowledge give us the confidence to make decisions quickly; a crucial factor in property transactions.
  • Our team conforms to the latest standards in data protection, confidentiality, cyber-security, and financial fraud – as such, you can be assured your matter is in the safest possible hands.
  • We will never trade speed of transaction for quality; you can be assured your property matter will progress as rapidly as possible safe in the knowledge that every detail will be assessed and where needed, actioned.  
  • With a proven track record in commercial property transactions, development schemes, industrial, office and retail parks, our property department is well placed to advise clients on complex commercial property investments, property partnerships and funding agreements, using our practical experience to deliver considerable commercial value.

For further information on how we can help you with commercial or residential development matters, please contact Lavelle Partners in confidence on (01) 644 5800.

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