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Commercial Debt Recovery

There are few business owners that relish the task of debt collecting.  Time-consuming, frustrating and stressful, securing overdue invoice payments is perhaps the least attractive part of commerce.

However, a stable cash flow is vital for any successful business.  From sole traders to multinationals, regular turnover of cash is essential for competitiveness and, in many cases, survival.  As one of Ireland’s leading law firms specialising in debt recovery, Lavelle Partners will take the matter of debt repayments off your shoulders and provide a comprehensive solution to your unresolved debt problems.  This allows you to focus on what is important, serving your clients/customers and growing your business.

Whatever the sum involved, we work to ensure recovery of monies due and owing to our clients.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible service at an affordable cost. We have a wealth of experience in recovering debts and enforcing judgments for Irish based and international clients. 

We have expertise in handling high volume caseloads for our clients assisted by our investment in an advanced debt recovery software system.  This software system not only generates timely reminders and documents but also allows us to monitor and track payments from debtors, create payment plans and monitor the progress of your case in the court system. Our software system is streamlined so as to allow us to offer a cost effective service to our clients.  We invest in the education of our team with a Continuing Professional Development programme, ensuring that we are up to date with court judgments and trends. 

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of cashflow and ensuring outstanding debts are paid as fast as possible. 

What is the Debt Collection Process in Ireland?

One of the challenges of demanding payment of unpaid invoices is that often the commercial relationship needs to be preserved.  Therefore, the first step is to contact the debtor yourself as soon as the invoice becomes overdue to discover why payment has not been made.  Often there is a simple explanation and the matter is resolved at this point.

If the debt remains unpaid, our team will send a letter demanding payment.  Reluctant payers frequently find a letter from a lawyer with the threat of court action enough to motivate them to make prompt payment.

Should payment not be forthcoming, we can commence court proceedings against the debtor.  If such action becomes necessary, we will support and represent you through the court and cost process.  If required, we can commence European Enforcement Orders and/or European Orders for Payment proceedings if the person or entity that owes you money is located in another EU member state (with the exception of Denmark).

Why choose Lavelle Partners to assist you with Debt and Asset Recovery Matters?

  • Our lawyers and legal executives are approachable, available, cost conscious and pragmatic. We view your case with cost efficiency in mind. 
  • When it comes to debt recovery, we work tenaciously to collect your debt and achieve your objectives.
  • Our clients remain with us long-term and many of our new clients come to us via referral. 
  • We know our clients and make a point of knowing their businesses inside out and this helps us provide exceptional service and gives our clients confidence in the quality of the advice and representation they receive.
  • Our advice is to the point; while we will set out all options available to you, we will advise which one we believe will protect and promote your best interests.

For further information on Debt and Asset Recovery in Ireland, please contact Lavelle Partners in confidence on (01) 644 5800.

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