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GP Negligence Claims*

All patients place trust in their GP to look after their physical and mental health, but on occasion, mistakes may be made which can lead to injury, damage, or disease.

As the first point of contact with the health system for most patients, it is the role of GPs to spot signs and symptoms of disease and injury and make appropriate decisions on how the patient should be further assessed and treated.   GP negligence is relatively rare in Ireland, but when it does occur, the impacts can be considerable for the patient and their family.

Injury due to GP negligence can cause considerable emotional distress for the patient affected and their loved ones, and in some cases cause additional financial pressure, especially if the person affected is the primary income earner.

What might constitute medical negligence by a GP?

Most medical professionals, including GPs, have a duty of care to protect your health.  A GP may be deemed negligent if they fail to:

  • Diagnose a physical or mental health condition (or do so in a timely manner)
  • Refer you to a specialist when appropriate
  • Correctly review and/or interpret your test results
  • Request a diagnostic test e.g. a blood test or x-ray
  • Inform you of any issues discovered during a test
  • Send you to A&E
  • Take adequate steps to prevent you contracting an infection
  • Prescribe the wrong medication, or the wrong dosage – a GP must also verify that multiple medications can be safely taken together.
  • Carry out a minor procedure without due care

Furthermore, your GP should explain to you the associated risks or side-effects of not taking immediate action, undergoing a medical procedure, treatment, or test, and of any medication prescribed.  Failure to explain the clinical risk of a treatment or procedure consented to, which then leads to injury or damage, may also constitute medical negligence.

Can I bring a claim for GP medical negligence?

You may be able to bring a claim for GP medical negligence which has caused you harm depending on the circumstances.  To prove medical negligence, it must be shown:

  • The standard of care you received fell below that of a competent GP, and;
  • This negligence caused you injury.

If you have reason to believe you have suffered damage or injury as a result of a mistake made by a GP, we may be able to assist you.  When you first contact us, we will listen carefully to the details of your case and advise on whether you have a valid claim.

How can Lavelle Partners assist in bringing a claim?

  • Lavelle Partners have successfully managed many cases involving injuries following medical negligence by a GP.
  • Our team have been helping clients since 2004, with decades of combined experience across the team, and place client care at the centre of everything they do.
  • From the first moment you speak to one of our solicitors, we will listen to your case carefully and with empathy and will only recommend advancing your claim if we believe you have a valid case.
  • We have both the legal expertise and understanding of the real-life challenges faced by those affected by GP medical negligence injuries.
  • Our medical negligence solicitors will manage the process entirely on your behalf; compiling the information necessary for your case, including medical notes and managing the submission of your medical negligence claim.
  • We will manage any subsequent questions and/or provide further information where required.

By allowing us to handle your claim on your behalf, you can focus on what is most important – your recovery and care, or that of your family member or loved one.

Recent cases

Lavelle Partners secured a significant settlement for a Plaintiff whose GP failed to diagnose a ruptured Achilles Tendon


For further information on making a claim following health problems caused due to medical negligence by a GP in Ireland, please contact Lavelle Partners in confidence on (01) 644 5800 or email Avril Scally directly ascally@lavellepartners.ie

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. This statement is made in compliance with RE.8 of SI 518 of 2002.

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