• Diplome Éducatif Juridque Francais (DÉJF),
  • Diploma of Arbitration, Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills.

Brief overview of my career

While in my final year of college I interned with Lavelle Partners and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and this led to me applying for a traineeship with the firm in 2014. I have also worked in the Conflict Resolution Unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), where we liaised with local and international groups to help them analyse, develop and share information on conflict resolution methods. While I was in the DFAT I was involved in the organisation of Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of Europe and the OSCE in 2012-2013. Subsequently worked as a Stagaire European Commission, DG Internal Market and Services where I worked on the single market and promoting the Social Business Initiative. Prior to this I worked for many years in a hotel bar and learnt to make a mean Martini.

Professional memberships & accreditations:

  • Law Society of Ireland

What I offer my clients:

I give straightforward considered advice to my clients.  I am dedicated and hardworking and strive to ensure that I give my clients the best client care that I can.

Why I love what I do:

Being a solicitor is the prefect role for me as I enjoy solving problems and helping people with their concerns.

Personal interests :

I am a swimmer and tri-athlete and love nothing more than grabbing my gear and cycling to Dun Laoighaire going for a swim in the sea. I volunteer with my local Special Olympics club where I coach swimming and I am determined that our swimmers will qualify for the next All Ireland Games in 2022. I also love baking (to the delight of my colleagues) and knitting. In terms of energy levels, my dog Rogue, is the only creature I have met that has more energy than I do.

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