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In-Flight Turbulence: Rise in Airline Personal Injuries

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Recent global incidents have seen a rise in airline injuries as a result of in-flight turbulence whereby we outline the process for passengers in bringing forward a potential personal injury claim.

Passengers Injured in Turbulence Incident on Flight to Dublin

A number of people have been injured on a flight from Doha to Dublin due to extreme turbulence while airborne over Turkey, according to Dublin Airport’s operator DAA.

In the incident, 6 passengers and 6 members of staff were treated for injuries, 8 of whom were taken to hospital. Read more.

Singapore Airlines Turbulence Incident

Singapore Airline’s experienced a similar incident only last week which resulted in 100 people injured, with 20 passengers suffering very serious injuries. Read more.

Air Turbulence 

Turbulence is the irregular motion of air as a result of vertical currents (updrafts and downdrafts) and eddies (a whirl of air). Updrafts and downdrafts are regular features of air movement, and can vary in intensity based on a number of factors including air temperature and pressure as well as irregular terrain or buildings.

Injuries on an EU Registered Airline

For anyone injured while travelling with an EU based airline, they may be eligible to bring a claim under EU Regulation 889/2002.  These regulations brought the EU in line with the internationally recognised Montreal Convention (see below).

This set of regulations places a legal requirement on EU airlines to ensure they are adequately insured, and to provide information to passengers relating to liability rules. It also requires airlines to make advanced payments to victims of injury if hardship has been established; however, this does not necessarily constitute an admission of liability.

Injuries on a non-EU Registered Airline

Those injured while travelling with a non-EU registered airline can bring a claim under the Montreal Convention 1999. The Montreal Convention ensures that any passenger injured on an international airline can bring a claim relating to death and injury.  Like the EU regulations, the Montreal Convention imposes no limits on claims and allows for advanced payments to be made.

Personal Injury Specialists

Lavelle Partners specialise in the area of personal injury and have represented a number of clients that have been injured while flying.

Read more on the types of airline injury that can be claimed for and how Lavelle Partners can assist in bringing a claim.

Further Information

For advice on airline injuries or for any related matter, please contact Avril Scally or Nicholas Moore in our award-winning Medical Negligence & Personal Injury Team.