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External Medical Review for Spina Bifida Patients at Temple Street Hospital

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In August 2023, Children’s Health Ireland issued a report outlining findings from two reviews conducted into Spina Bifida patients at Temple Street Children’s Hospital (“Temple Street”). The report highlighted serious concerns in respect of the quality of surgeries and care of Spina Bifida patients.

Post-Operative Complications

A significant number of children with Spina Bifida who had been operated on for spinal surgery by the same surgeon in Temple Street suffered serious post-operative complications. One of the children sadly died as a result of complications.

The surgeon at the centre of the controversy is not working at Temple Street hospital anymore and an external review into their care is being carried out by Liverpool consultant Mr Selvadurai Nayagam.

Outside Medical Opinion

This week, the Minister for Health, Mr Stephen Donnelly confirmed to the families involved that outside medical opinions would be available for the children.

Special Clinic Provides Second Opinion

The Department of Health released a statement setting out that the 18 patients whose care was transferred to Crumlin Hospital were seen at a special clinic by one or more orthopaedic surgeons in September. This would constitute a second opinion and that there was also an opportunity under the independent external review for a spinal surgeon to review the clinical notes, radiology and other diagnostic material related to any of the 18 cases.

Commitment to Further Clinical Opinions

It was further noted that for those who do not wish to avail of the option outlined above, the Department confirmed that there was a commitment given at the meeting of September 29 that further clinical opinions for the 18 patients and families can be facilitated.

Temple Street Developments

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Further Information

Lavelle Partners are currently advising clients on this matter. For further advice or if you have been affected by these recent developments, please contact Avril Scally, Partner and Head of our award-winning Medical Negligence Team.