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CAMHS Report finds 140 ‘lost’ cases

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An interim report published by the Inspector of Mental Health Services has highlighted that children and young adults have been lost to follow up care within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) team.

In one CAMHS team, Dr Finnerty found there were 140 “lost” cases. While not identified in the report, the 140 open cases are known to be in the community health area (CHO) which covers Clare, Limerick and north Tipperary.

These cases involved children and young adults who engaged with the CAMHS service but did not have any further appointments scheduled for up to two years. Some cases involved individuals that had reached their 18th Birthday with no planning, discharge, transition or advice in relation to medication.

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About the Author: Avril Scally is a Partner and Nicholas Moore is a Solicitor on award-winning the Medical Negligence Team at Lavelle Partners.