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HSE to Extend Terms of Portiuncula Hospital Birth Inquiry

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 The HSE General Director, Tony O’Brien confirmed that the terms of reference of the inquiry into problem deliveries at Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe has been extended to include the 2010 death of a one week old girl who was delivered in the hospital.

 O’Brien also confirmed that the death of Amber Reilly in February 2010 will be included in the review of perinatal care of seven women who delivered in the hospital last year.

 He also stated that the review could be further extended to cover another seven families.

The review team comprises two obstetricians, one national and one international; two senior midwives, one national and one international; a patient representative; a consultant neonatologist and an expert in clinical risk management.

 The seven babies born in Portiuncula last year suffered oxygen deprivation and two of them died.

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