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Defective PIP Breast Implants Pose Threat to the Unborn

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The report published on Thursday 9th May, by the British Royal Society of Medicine warns that women who received PIP breast implants are at risk of exposure to chemicals, known to damage a developing foetus.

They dispute the findings of an investigation by the Medical Director of NHS England and have called for a new inquiry to investigate the possible harm caused by the PIP implants. In July last year an NHS panel, convened by the Department of Health, concluded that the implants “have not shown any evidence of significant risk to human health”.

But the authors of the report, Victoria Martindale and Andre Menache, point to evidence showing that the implants were found to contain a high proportion of a group of molecules, including one known as D4 that has been identified as an endocrine-disrupting chemical. In low doses EDCs are known to cause damage to a developing foetus.

They also highlight risks associated with traces of platinum, lead and zinc used in the manufacturing process, and say that women should be aware that a more detailed analysis of the gel used by PIP is yet to be completed.

The authors state that “we feel that the PIP breast implant scare is an example of regulatory and quality control failure that urgently requires addressing as an integral part of the ongoing review of plastic surgery”.

According to Avril Scally, Partner who is representing over 100 women who received PIP breast implants “the findings of the report published today will only serve to further increase the anxiety and stress that our clients are experiencing”.

“The news is alarming considering that the majority of the recipients of the breast implants are of child bearing age. The question that remains unanswered for our clients is who is ultimately responsible for permitting unsafe breast implants to be used in surgical procedures?

The regulatory bodies must ensure that the companies producing medical products are operating correctly and seek a review of their certification process, to ensure the safety of the patients using these products”.