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Lavelle Partners on a winning streak at this year’s law awards

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Lavelle Partners picked up two awards for their work in litigation, and Ciarán Leavy, Partner, explains why the firm is intent on putting wrongs to right, writes Siobhán Maguire of the Sunday Business Post.

Modest about his recent victories at this year’s Irish Law Awards, Ciarán Leavy, a Partner at Lavelle Solicitors was crowned Litigation Lawyer of the Year and his firm, Lavelle Solicitors as Litigation Law Firm the Year.

The accolades were awarded in recognition of the work carried out by Leavy in the area of litigation, but also his ability to move with the times, including tackling issues in the legally elusive areas of the online world. Nevertheless, he is humble in his acceptance of these impressive honours.

“This is the first time I have personally entered, to win something like this is a great honour and it reflects well on the hard work of our litigation team. Lavelle Solicitors have a very strong reputation for litigation, so the awards are an endorsement of this.”

Leavy has worked and specialised in litigation for the last 13 years at Lavelle Solicitors. As practice lead of the firm’s Litigation Department, Leavy is highly regarded for advising on the areas of: Cross Jurisdiction Litigation; Trusts, Wills and Probate; Professional Negligence; Defamation; Banking and Finance; Property Disputes; and Insurance Disputes.

His extensive work in the area of Defamation is one that singles him out, especially in terms of his knowledge and expertise where social media cases are concerned. 

“There has been an increase in defamation arising from social media in recent years,” he said. “I have been involved in litigation against social media giants such as Facebook in the last couple of years and this is a particular area of expertise for our firm”.

“The area of social media needs regulation in Ireland and under current government proposals it looks like the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) will regulate harmful video content online, which is a welcome and much needed development. Given recent tragic criminal cases that have been before the courts, it is encouraging to see proactive steps being taken in terms of regulation and accountability in how social media is used.  But it will take the right regulations to be put in place to provide protection to individuals in what is effectively the lawless land of social media whilst still preserving the positives that social media offers”

Leavy’s work in the area of Professional Negligence could be a tricky one but Leavy said the objective is to ensure professionals – whether accountants, architects, financial advisors or solicitors – are always operating appropriately.

In the area of Commercial Litigation, Leavy and the firm work extensively in the area of property disputes, which have become more common with a growth in the number of property transactions in the market. 

Another interesting area of work involves that of insurance disputes.

“We act for a number of clients who are not being indemnified by their insurers in circumstances where they have insurance policies in place, but insurers are declining cover,” he said. “We act for businesses and individuals in these types of cases and we have a good track record in righting wrongs in that regard, especially in the case of clients who have paid their premiums diligently, and at great cost, for many years but experience difficulty in receiving pay outs under their policy from their insurer when the time comes to make a claim There can often be sad circumstances involved, so it’s a great service to help clients remedy what is often a serious wrong.”

Leavy and his team are passionate about delivering a first-class service to his clients.

 “Our advice is always clear and honest, and we work tenaciously on behalf of our clients.  We are passionate about the law and promoting our clients’ interests,” he said. “We understand the best possible outcome for clients and strive to consistently achieve it”